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Hemp and

Cannabis Testing Laboratory


ISO 17025:2015


Hemp and

Cannabis Testing Laboratory


-ISO 17025:2015 Accredited





"At ECL Testing we've applied our passion for accuracy and integrity in science to our interest in cannabis and cannabis products to empower the cannabis community with potency, safety, and dosage information."

- Matt Madison

Cannabinoid Analysis

There’s only one way to know for sure what dosage is right for you and that’s through proper testing. By profiling the cannabinoids and their percentages you will know what type of affects you’ll get from the medicine and, most importantly, the proper dosage you will need to consume!

Terpene Profiling

By analyzing the floral terpenes, ECL Testing is able to obtain your plant’s “floral signature”, which is uniquely different from all other cannabis plants and has a great impact on the affects of the plant and extracts and products derived from it.​ Some terpenes serve well as pesticides, protecting the plant!

Microbiology Testing 

Our team understands the cultivating, harvesting and extraction process and can design environmental monitoring programs (EMP) to help reduce risk for cross contamination. Now offering rapid 24 hour Microbiology testing services for both plant and food. Our laboratory is ISO 17025-accredited with proven ability to perform. 

Residual Solvents Analysis

Hydrocarbons are some of the most efficient extraction solvents available. After reviewing Butane, Isobutane, and Propane in their pure form, the FDA affirmed them as “Generally Recognized As Safe” (GRAS) when used properly. These chemical solvents are now being used more than ever to produce cannabis concentrates.

Heavy Metals 

The cannabis plant is a well know bio accumulator, meaning that it is extremely effective at absorbing nutrients through its root system. Fertilizers, growing media, water and even the clone/plant itself can all be sources for metals contamination.



Regardless of whether you are testing a flower sample, hash oil, wax, cannabis infused product, or edibles of all types, we've seen it and know how to process and test it. Having devoted extensive laboratory hours to developing the best methods and standards of practice for preparing and testing marijuana infused products (MIPs) and edibles (food products), we consider ourselves to be best in class. Our Certificates of Analysis (COA) come with quick reference codes (QRC) that you can apply to your labels to provide access to detailed laboratory information, creating quality and transparency for your clients. This information provides valuable safety and dosing information that is certified by our ISO:17025 accredited laboratory. 



To help advance the Hemp and greater Cannabis Community with dependable, on-time scientific data and laboratory results. Our success is measured by our ability to provide the highest level of overall quality and integrity in laboratory analytics. 

"Education is the greatest barrier to quality within the cannabis industry." - Matt Madison


"Quality is never an accident, it is always an intelligent effort." - John Ruskin

Beyond our passion for science, ECL Testing remains committed to supporting our local community. From the activism efforts of our founder, to financially contributing to organizations like the Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) organization, and  being active in our local Christian community, we serve and contribute to our neighborhood communities.


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